Lazelight Mini LED Remote Control Light helps you see the buttons on your television remote

It’s nice to have the lights off when you’re watching a movie at night, but it’s frustrating when you can’t see the buttons on your remote. Thankfully, the Lazelight Mini LED Remote Control Light offers a solution to that. The Lazelight is a small device that attaches to the remote control using its magnetic stick plate. The light comes on automatically when the LED panel swivels into position. The small light elevates above the remote, providing ample light so that you can see the buttons clearly, no matter how dark the surroundings may be. The battery is also rechargeable via micro USB. A single charge can last for weeks at a time, depending on how often the light is used. Another feature of the device is that it glows in the dark with the aid of the luminous strips on its sides which will help you easily find an attached remote or item in the dark. This mini torch also suits everyday carry for lighting up devices and dark spaces anywhere.