Everyone possesses a narrative waiting to unfold.

TheVerySoon serves as a haven for the diverse stories and musings of humanity, where individuals can share profound viewpoints, invaluable knowledge, and life’s sagacity—no need to amass a mailing list or a following. Amidst the internet’s clamor and chaos, TheVerySoon stands serene, a platform that’s both uncomplicated and aesthetically pleasing, fostering collaboration while helping you find the perfect audience for your expressions.

We hold firm to the belief that what you read and write holds immense significance. Words have the power to either cleave us apart or empower us, kindle inspiration, or cast shadows of discouragement. In a world where superficial narratives often prevail, we’re building a framework on TheVerySoon that values depth, nuance, and time invested wisely—a space where genuine discourse eclipses fleeting impressions, and substance transcends mere presentation.

Our aspiration is to enrich our collective understanding of the world through the influential medium of writing.

On TheVerySoon, over 100 million individuals connect monthly, sharing insights and wisdom. Among them are seasoned wordsmiths, CEOs, computer scientists, presidents, amateur novelists—individuals ablaze with stories yearning to be set free into the world. They write about their endeavors, nocturnal musings, life’s crucibles, and lessons learned that beg to be known.

Incorporating the world of technology and consumer products, our platform welcomes professionals and enthusiasts alike. It’s a space where CEOs and computer scientists can unravel the intricacies of their latest innovations, where users can discover the latest gadgets, and where novelists can explore the intersection of humanity and technology.

In lieu of peddling advertisements or auctioning your data, our sustenance comes from a burgeoning community of TheVerySoon members who resonate with our mission. If you’re new to this space, commence your exploration. Plunge into the realms that captivate you, whether it’s the human experience, technological advancements, or a fusion of both. Unearth a post that imparts fresh knowledge or prompts a reevaluation of the familiar—then, share your own tale.

Blake Jones

Senior Technical Writer

With over eight years of work experience in web content editing and video production, I have developed strong skills in sales, communication, and Spanish. As a web content editor at Coinpedia, I contributed to the growth and success of the online platform that covers crypto and fintech news, insights, and trends. I created engaging and informative content for the website, social media, and newsletters, and collaborated with the marketing and sales teams to generate leads and conversions. I also supported the editorial team in ensuring quality, accuracy, and consistency of the content. Previously, I worked as a video producer at Tech news, where I produced and edited high-quality videos for the website and YouTube channel, covering topics such as technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. I also partnered with sponsors and advertisers to secure funding and exposure for the videos. I am passionate about creating content that educates, entertains, and empowers the audience, and I am always eager to learn new skills and technologies. I am looking for an opportunity to join a dynamic and diverse team that shares my vision and values, and that can benefit from my expertise and experience.

Ryan Harris

Senior Technical Writer

Hello! I’m Ryan, a tech writer, gamer, and product unboxing enthusiast. With 8 years of experience in technology writing, I’ve covered a range of topics, providing insights into the latest tech trends. As an avid gamer, I’ve explored virtual realms and built connections with fellow gamers. My passion extends to unboxing the latest gadgets and sharing the excitement through detailed reviews on my blog. Let’s connect to discuss tech trends, swap gaming stories, or explore the next big thing in product unboxing. Join me on this journey where technology meets gaming, and every unboxing is an adventure.